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Wonder Woman: The One You’ve All Been Waiting For

All_Star_Comics_8_december_1941_featuring_wonder_womanDuring Kevin Smith’s review of superhero movie ‘Wonder Woman’ he describes his theater experience while watching the film. The famed writer and director said before it started someone yelled out, “I’ve waited my whole life for this!”

Pop culture enthusiast Laci Matthews of New York didn’t share a theater with Smith. She did however enjoy an excited experience of her own. A lifelong fan of Wonder Women, she told she’s collected a considerable amount of memorabilia that she’s used as inspiration. “I’ve always felt like she was a part of me,” Laci said. “Everyone who knows me connects me to Wonder Woman. Seeing Gal Godot as Wonder Woman on the big screen was the epitome of fandom for me.”

wonder woman_lynda carterThe character of Wonder Woman was created by writer William Marston and artist Harry G. Peter. She debuted in DC Comics’ All-Star Comics #8 in 1941. Since she’s been portrayed famously by actress Lynda Carter in a television series (1975 – 79) while voiced by many others for various animated iterations. “I never thought anyone but Lynda Carter could play Wonder Woman, but Gal Godot was Wonder Woman,” Laci said.

Gadot first donned the amazon armor and bulletproof bracelets in 2016’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, Wonder Woman’s long-awaited big screen debut. Her much-hyped solo film followed. Directed by award-winning film maker Patty Jenkins, it released June 2, 2017. Lacy felt Jenkins “brought everything to this movie that Wonder Woman fans like me wanted and needed to see – the poses, her love of fighting, and her passion to help people.”

Laci said today females of all ages need Wonder Woman. “Those of us who grew up with her needed what Jenkins brought to the screen. Wonder Woman is powerful yet feminine. She loves to fight but loves love. She helps people who desperately need her. She knows women can do everything a man can do…and probably better. Wonder Woman will always be important to not only females but to men and little boys who know, love and support strong women.”

This support was shown at the box office. ‘Wonder Woman’ raked in more than $100 million in its first weekend amid widespread critical and audience acclaim. Apparently it was worth the wait.

“I cried for multiple reasons,” Laci said. “It was beautiful. It was perfect. And I loved it.”|

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