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The Voice Winner Sundance Head Speaks to about Building Friends On Tour

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‘The Voice’ season 11 winner Sundance Head is doing more with his victory than trying to sell records. The Texas native is building relationships with his listeners while growing his signature sound dubbed “soul country”.

“We’re a 3-piece, and we’re just three guys playing instruments,” Sundance says to “We just play real rooted songs and give honest performance of each song. I like to talk to the crowd and get to know the people out there, and make friends.”

You have a chance to befriend Sundance as he treks across the country through October. July 22nd he and his band played Tequila Cowboy Bar & Grill in Lansing, MI. Liquid was there to enjoy their outstanding performance, and his family and crew treated us with exceptional warmth and kindness. Sundance says, “I like to go into towns and make friendships. That’s really important to us. I do a real nice family show. Right now my kids are with me on tour! They like to hang out and ham-it-up a little bit.”

TRUAX_SUNDANCEHEAD_SHOT05-35_reFresh off the “Doing It To Country Songs Tour” with his ‘The Voice’ coach Blake Shelton, one of the best-selling country music artists of all time, Sundance says he hopes to figure out how to command a large audience. “I watched his show every night. It never got old to me. Blake really knows how to gauge the audience and make each person feel like he’s singing directly to them, and only to them.”

The more intimate settings of Sundance Head’s solo tour allow him to get up-close and personal. “I’m working on it right now,” he says of implementing what he learned from Shelton. “My shows consist of a lot of good music…and some bad jokes.” He laughs. “We’re trying to figure it out!

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