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Recap: Harlem Globetrotters at Breslin Student Events Center in East Lansing, MI [Art 101]

We’re still smiling.

Harlem Globetrotters have been sports entertainment stars for more than 90 years. During this span the highly skilled and hilarious traveling basketball team have created a can’t-miss brand of family fun. was on hand at Breslin Student Event Center in East Lansing, MI on February 4, 2018 to witness the Globetrotters topple their decades-long rivals, Washington Generals.

harlem-Globetrotters_logoAfter some laugh-out-loud pre-game fun with fans and a splashy, dance-filled introduction (that found 6’9 showman Big Easy iced and jokingly threatening to leave the game before it started) the Globetrotters showcased why they’re arguably the best basketball team in the world.

At one point 5’3 Torch eluded a defender by sliding on the ground, never losing her dribble. Early in the game 6’4 Spider got the crowd on their feet after catching a jaw-dropping alley-oop while wearing a Spider-Man mask. Bull, a 6’4” Detroit native who was welcomed by a huge pop from the crowd, gave his fellow Michigan natives a sample is his incredible leaping ability.

Not to be outdone, the Generals’ masked center advised the crowd they weren’t going to be embarrassed by their Harlem opposition. He got some serious heat from the crowd by insulting MSU’s Spartan basketball team for losing on their home court to their University of Michigan rivals. He also interrupted the presentation of an autographed t-shirt by snatching it away from Globetrotters mascot Globie then ripping it in half.

The night was filled with action and comedy. However its biggest highlights came once the show was over.

During a post-game autograph session each of the Globetrotters did their absolute best to personally interact with each fan in attendance. They signed autographs, took pictures, and handed out high-fives and hugs.

While making our rounds we witnessed Big Easy call out to a very young fan by name. He then made room so the little guy could easily make his way through a waiting crowd of hundreds just to speak with him one-on-one about whether he enjoy himself or not. It was an awesome and touching sight. Those close at hand were melted by the heartwarming exchange. |

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