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Recap: Boney James at Alexander Zonjic’s 4th Annual Shoreline Jazz Festival in Muskegon, MI

BoneyWith the audience at Heritage Landing in Muskegon, MI chanting his name, smooth jazz icon Boney James walked back to center stage, checked the time on his watch, then said into the microphone, “I guess we can play one more.” Those remarks only heightened the volume of cheers as the always cool and charismatic saxophone player joined his band for a much-welcomed encore.

James headlined day 3 of Alexander Zonjic’s 4th Annual Shoreline Jazz Festival on August 26, 2017, a lineup that included Organissimo, Joey Sommerville, Zonjic joined by Jeff Lorber and Steve Cole, and Keiko Matsui. was on hand from beginning to end.

This was James’ second Shoreline appearance, back by popular demand after playing the festival’s inaugural year in 2014. As expected he brought the house down. Considering this was an outdoor event, it could also be said that he built the house up.

Throughout his performance James brought the crowd to their feet. They’d either be cheering or dancing along, and most times a bit of both. They appeared to be having such a good time James couldn’t resist joining them. With his saxophone held high above his head he skipped rhythmically from the stage and right into the heart of the crowd.

Another highlight saw James going off on a long riff while his band stood silent behind him. Showing off his mastery of his preferred instrument, the sax solo concluded with a chorus of impressed cheers. James said to the audience, “Sometimes you’ve just got to let it go.”

In addition to playing a number of the hits and favorites that’s made him a Grammy-nominated and Soul Train Award winning artist, Boney James introduced the Shoreline crowd to his new song “Tick Tock” which can be found on his 16th album ‘Honestly’.

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