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Preview: Pop Evil at The Machine Shop on August 3 & 4

Pop EvilTop-selling rock group Pop Evil are playing two shows at legendary venue The Machine Shop Concert Lounge in Flint, MI.

It should be no surprise both shows are sold out.

If you’re a lucky ticket holder you’re in for one heck of show. That pleasures doubled if you’re attending both nights. After losing your cool to opening sets from No Resolve and Avalon Black, be prepared for Pop Evil to have you leap completely out of your entire head.

A #1 charting band born in West Michigan, Pop Evil have a rich history performing at The Machine Shop. Expect them turn it up an extra few notches both nights.

With a catalog of 4 major albums that include hits “Somebody Like You”, “Last Man Standing”, and “Footsteps (Go Higher)”, Pop Evil has continued to evolve while also not duplicating their previous sounds or following anyone else’s trends.

Group founder and lead singer Leigh Kakaty says people tell them Pop Evil doesn’t sound like anything else they’ve heard on rock radio. “Radio has been good to us, so we have to give something good back. We don’t want to do albums that sound the same because we had success with it. Just because we had three #1s with Onyx we don’t want to make Onyx 2.0.”

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