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Preview: Phil Denny’s Armory Smooth Jazz Fete on August 12 in Lansing, MI

Phil Denny_Smooth Jazz FeteInternational jazz star Phil Denny has something extraordinary planned for music lovers on August 12th: the very first all-day outdoor smooth jazz and R&B music event in Lansing, MI.

Presented by Michigan Plumbing, Phil Denny’s Armory Smooth Jazz Fete takes place from Noon to 9:30 PM at the historic Armory. Tickets are $35 general admission. Be sure to bring a lawn chair or blanket. VIP tickets are sold out.

A top Billboard charting saxophonist with an impeccable live performance reputation, Denny’s highly respected for his craft across the nation and beyond. Expect the charismatic Lansing native to have those on hand vibing to his impressive catalog of hits and favorites at a truly classy affair.

“A lot of people say they respect me for my business etiquette, my consistency, for a lot of things I do in regards to my marketing and producing a quality product,” Denny says. “Also, being humble, being open to new experiences; having the relationships I’ve built, recognizing those are the people who help to propel you and make you who you are as an artist. And just being genuine.”

Phil Denny will also be joined at his Armory Smooth Jazz Fete by an impressive lineup of marquee artists including jazz icon Peter White. All those scheduled are sure to have the audience engaged and smiling from the event’s beginning until the sun goes down.

Here is the lineup:
Daryl Black – 12:00 PM
Farnell Newton – 1:00 PM
Phil Denny with L’Renee – 2:30 PM
Michael Manson – 4:00 PM
Marcus Anderson – 5:45 PM
Peter White – 7:30 PM

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Phil Denny's Armory Smooth Jazz Fete in Lansing, MI from Phil Denny on Vimeo.

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