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In Memoriam: Remembering Robert Guillaume

Legendary actor and theater artist Robert Guillaume has passed away at the age of 89. According to news reports the cause was complications from prostate cancer.

A college educated professional born Robert Peter Williams in St. Louis, MS, his famed last name of Guillaume is the French translation of William.

The Grammy, 2-time Emmy, and 4-time Image Award winner will be remembered for a number of standout roles. Maybe best known for his portrayal of the witty Benson Dubois on hit television shows ‘Soap’ and ‘Benson’, Guillaume also voiced Rafiki in Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

Acclaimed for his dramatic believability and comedic timing, Guillaume turned heads as Isaac Jaffe on ‘Sports Night’, as Dr. Frank Napier in ‘Lean on Me’, and as Fredrick Douglas in celebrated mini-series ‘North and South’.

Guillaume famously broke down social barriers during his now iconic run on Broadway, starring in ‘Othello’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, and his Tony nominated performance as Nathan Detroit in ‘Guys and Dolls’.

In his official bio Guillaume says, “I sought consciously to avoid the stereotypical sociological traps. I always wanted kids of any background to understand the characters I’ve portrayed were real, that the solutions they found were true and possible. It has always been important to me to stress that there was no diminution of power or universality just because my characters are African-Americans.”

We at offer our sincerest condolences to Guillaume’s family, friends, loved ones and fans.

Rest in Peace Robert Peter Williams aka Robert Guillaume [November 30, 1927 – October 24, 2017]

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