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Life can be a treacherous journey each year. It’s a good thing we have music to help us navigate through the toughest of times. For every one situation that made us frown and shed tears, there were two songs that made us smile and breakout in chills of excitement. But what song’s been the best of them all over the last 12 months?

As Editor In Chief Doug Sims aka DJ Metro (of radio show “Liquid Lounge” on Grand Rapids station 97.3FM The Beat) and I sat down to determine the very best song of 2017, we realized a definitive answer would be impossible. It would also be arrogant and selfish of us to pick one song, parading our choice as the de facto champion tune of the year. So we decided to each share our picks, but also open the floor to our stellar list of DJ, producer, artist, musician, and songwriter associates!

Thank you DJ Brandie Garcia, BpZy aka Baby Paul, DJ Reality, PL12, DJ J-Beez, Malina Moye, Nemoniq,  Mr. 1204, and Urban Magazine publisher/Editor In Chief BE’N Original for your picks!

Please enjoy’s Best Song of 2017!



“My top pick of 2017 is ‘24K Magic’ by Bruno Mars. It was one of those iconic songs that crossed all boundaries. No matter when it came on everybody got up and danced. Radio played it, clubs played it, kids played it and grownups played it. It was that go-to song at any event.” – DJ Metro


“Some of the songs I couldn’t stop listening to over the past 12 months were ‘When I Was Bad’ by Mouthpi3ce, ‘Gone’ by AOE, ‘The Rhythm’ by CassG, ‘Black Hair’ by CJ Haynes, ‘Praying’ by Kesha, ‘Judas’ by Fozzy, and ‘Wanna Dance’ by the late great Phife Dawg featuring Dwele and beautifully produced by Mike City. But the best song of 2017 to my ears was ‘No Promises’ by Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato. Exceptional harmony over a banging track with an unforgettable hook.” – Mr. Joe Walker


“It was the song you loved to hate or hated to love but one thing was certain – at one point you’ve definitely sung along! Which one am I talking about? ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, of course! How brilliant to add the Biebs to this track to make it the perfect blend of Top 40/Latin vibes that is palatable by all audiences young, old, black, white, Hispanic, etc. As a DJ, it was unavoidable to play at every single function but I didn’t mind it at all because people loved it! It instantly became a fav singalong song and is one that will be a go-to hit for years to come.” – DJ Brandi Garcia


“I actually think the most important single this year is ‘I’m Not Racist’ by Joyner Lucas.” – BE’N Original


“I think the best song of 2017 was Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’. I felt it was the most honestly written record of the year. Love the vibe, the beat, the message and it is unapologetically in your face.” – Malina Moye


“Chris Brown – ‘Privacy’; sexy up-tempo song with a great blend of vintage R&B musicality merged with an urban-crossover-appeal drum track. The lyrics are raunchy but honest and relatable enough to paint a vivid picture about the girl you just want to get freaky with.

Imagine Dragons – ‘Believer’; energetic Top 40 pop/rock song. The hook is infectious. This is a great song for live concerts to amp you up into believing in anything!

Logic featuring Alessia Cara, Khalid – ‘1-800-273-8255’; the substance of this song is one of the best rap records of the past few years. Suicide is a serious topic that most don’t choose to discuss. If this song has helped one person overcome their desire to not want to live, it has served its purpose.” – BpZy aka Baby Paul 


“Kendrick Lamar – ‘Humble’. Kendrick came back to the rap game in a big way. ‘Humble’ just dominated and didn’t stop. I could drop that song anytime and see necks start snappin’! And seeing the entire Palace of Auburn Hills rap the song a cappella with Kendrick on stage was one of the best moments of seeing live hip-hop.” – DJ J-Beez


“I feel the best song of 2017 that I found myself bangin’ in my whip or singing to myself the most was Future’s ‘Mask Off’. I don’t want to say it was the best song of 2017 because there were many joints produced this year that was dope. Just my favorite joint to vibe to while I’m driving or getting ready for something. My dawg Metro Boomin laced the beat and Future’s rap harmonies ride the beat perfectly.” – PL12


“I would say ‘Humble’ by Kendrick. It evokes a feeling that crosses generations and genres, yet has an old school boom-bap feel.” – DJ Reality


“NF’s ‘Therapy Session’ because it’s just a really real song. NF’s music is amazing!” – Nemoniq


“I really truly believe the biggest song of 2017 was ‘shETHER’ by Remy Ma. I think Remy opened up the playing field for female MCs. It was dominated by one chick for like 8 years, and it shined a light back on female MCs. And then – BOOM – comes ‘Bodack Yellow’ which was probably the biggest record of 2017. But without ‘shETHER’ it probably wouldn’t have hit like that.” – Mr. 1204|


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