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Legends of Black History: Ice Cube as Craig Jones [Art 101]

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the legends of Black history. Here we honor iconic hip-hop artist and actor Ice Cube’s portrayal of Craig Jones in ‘Friday’!

Directed by F. Gary Gray and co-written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, 1995’s ‘Friday’ was Cube’s 5th starring role, his first comedy. No stranger to generating laughs, Cube made audiences chuckle a time or two as Doughboy in ‘Boyz n the Hood’ and as Fudge in ‘Higher Learning’, both John Singleton dramas. As Craig he caused movie and home theater viewers to laugh out loud on several occasions. Twenty years later people are still cracking up, whether watching the movie or quoting it in their everyday lives.

We’ve all had days we regret getting out of bed, watching our lives unravel in ways we’d never fathomed the day before. This is why people relate to and root for Craig, and also bust their guts laughing at him.

When Craig awoke Friday morning, he was hoping for a quiet (as possible) day in his South Central Los Angeles, CA neighborhood. Having been fired from his job the previous day, which happened to be his day off, Craig found himself in several unfavorable circumstances.

Friday spawned two sequels, 2000’s ‘Next Friday’ and 2002’s ‘Friday After Next’; both hilarious in their own, they each pale in comparison to the simplistically amazing original, the one that solidified Craig’s place in history. |

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