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Legends of Black History: Cree Summer as Susie Carmichael [Art 101]

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the legends of Black history. Here we honor iconic voice actress Cree Summer’s portrayal of Rugrats’ favorite Susie Carmichael!

Cable television network Nickelodeon hit a grand slam with their now classic animated series ‘Rugrats’. Debuting in 1991 and created by Arlene Klasky, Garbor Csupo, and Paul Germaine, it was the second addition to their Nicktoons block of original programs.

Character Susie Carmichael and her outgoing family were introduced in Rugrats’ 75th episode, Season 2’s “Meet The Carmichaels”. The only African American characters on the show, it was their nature, not just their skin color that made them standouts. The teenage adventures of Susie continued on award-winning spinoff, All Grown Up.

Cree Summer has voiced a number of memorable cartoon characters throughout her career. Many would agree Susie is one held closely to their hearts.

For the children of the 90s, those real life crawlers and toddlers whose first taste of toons was Nick’s ‘Rugrats’, Susie was their hero. She was considerably fearless. Her doctor mother and professional writer father instilled confidence, supportiveness, and pride in Susie, which she shared with her neighborhood friends. A motivator and a defender, she represented playing fair has its rewards, it was okay to be different, and that you can make your wildest, most imaginative dreams come true. |

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