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Interview: Rico De La Vega of Ring of Honor Wresting Talks Commentating, Bobby Heenan, and Being Better Looking Than Ian Riccaboni

Our next featured guest could be the next great personality in professional wrestling. He’s a student of the esteemed The Monster Factory professional wrestling school, which means he can kick your butt. He’s both a manager and talent scout while also being a snarky, charismatic commentator for Ring of Honor Wrestling. Please welcome to…Rico De La Vega!


Rico De La Rico, as one of the commentary voices of Ring of Honor Wrestling you’ve got the best seat in the house for its incredible action. With everything building toward the pay-per-view ROH Final Battle on December 15, 2017, what match are you hoping to see there?


Rico De La Vega: There’s not just one specific match I want to see. I want to see people compete. At ROH we proudly boast “the best wrestling on the planet” and we have yet to fail in delivering just that. Kenny King just won the ROH TV Championship. I look forward to seeing him defend it. I look forward to seeing what role Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser will be playing by that time. What’s going to be Cody’s status with the company? Will the Women of Honor have a title to fight for? What’s been the best match you’ve called?


Rico De La Vega: If I have to pick what the best match I called was I would have to say Ladder War 6 for the ROH World Tag Team Championship – The Addiction vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs The Young Bucks. It was the first pay-per-view I’d done for the company and in Spanish. The intensity of that match forced me to be able to keep up with all of the action. Not to mention trying to call such an amazing match while not trying to watch as a fan. What do you enjoy most about the storytelling aspects of professional wrestling?


Rico De La Vega: The emotions that are triggered and those peaks and valleys of suspense and hope are what make it all the more enjoyable. It’s like watching a mini-series or sitcom. You’re watching a story unfold with every single match. Rico, one of the biggest stories in all of professional wrestling right now is the passing of the legendary Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. What’s your opinion of him?


Rico De La Vega: Groundbreaking. Inspirational. Classy. These are just some of the words that come to mind. You’re talking about someone who I have a very high respect for in this business. He did what I am trying to do. He was truly a triple threat when it came to his talent. His chemistry with Gorilla Monsoon was magic and I think that is what I try to embody when I am at commentary. I want that with Ian Riccaboni, and that only comes with time. He was an amazing manager and truly what you would define as what a true “heel” should be. He could also hold his own in the ring no matter what type of match. The Brain’s talents were unlimited. Some may say the same of you. You’re a quadruple threat – talent scout, manager, commentator and wrestler. As far as your continued development and growth, how does one help the other?


Rico De La Vega: I think that every single job in this business goes hand in hand with each other. In the case of commentator and wrestler, two different realms but same type of job. At the table I’m trying to tell the story in the ring using my words. In the ring I tell that same story, but with my actions. My job is to engage our audience in attendance and watching on TV or online, no matter what hat I wear. Speaking of what you wear, is being dressed in a suit and tie just a disguise for Rico De La Vega’s true agenda?


Rico De La Vega: Listen, I dress how I dress because I have style. I present myself in the way I would like to be perceived. I am all business but once the tie comes off, it’s still business just in a different way. My true agenda is to make money. Whether it’s scouting the young talent to break them into the business, adding my expert analysis to the broadcast table at Ring of Honor or even sharing my managerial expertise with various clients while leading them to several championships. The suit doesn’t make Rico, Rico makes the suit! Remember that!


Rico De La Vega and Ian Fair enough! So how about this: Rico, when you joined Ring of Honor was your goal to be the most handsome man there?


Rico De La Vega: It was never my goal. But of course by comparison alone I’m already making Rigatoni look like his face caught fire and they put it out with an ice pick. But I guess that the ladies should have some eye candy since the hombres have Women of Honor to look forward to. Not only to watch how beautiful they are, but also how dangerous these lovely women are in the ring. What’s been the best match you’ve competed in?


Rico De La Vega: I’d have to say that my favorite one for me had to be when I faced The Blue Meanie. Not only am I wrestling a man I grew up watching, but also one of my coaches at The Monster Factory. It was very humbling, and I think that with that match I knew that I wanted to continue growing and moving further in professional wrestling. Rico, what can we expect from you in the near future?


Rico De La Vega: I’ll continue scouting talent, wrestling on the independent scene and continue my training so that I can keep coming back stronger each time. |


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