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Interview: Killah Priest Remembers 911, Talks Building Songs and Getting Knocked Down

Our next featured guest is a hip-hop artist renowned the world over for his detailed, thought-provoking lyrics. An affiliate of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, he’s been captivating listeners since the release of his classic album ‘Heavy Mental’, and his new LP ‘The Untold Story of Walter Reed Part Two’ is available now. He just recently teamed with Ghostface Killah to rock The Pyramid Scheme stage in Grand Rapids, MI. Please welcome to…Killah Priest!

killa priest You’ve been able to entice people intellectually through your music. What did that for you?


Killah Priest: The Tower! This cat rolled up on me one day and dropped the tower card on me – The Tower of Power. And it described me perfectly. Towers come up, then they come down, then they go up again. I would say that’s my style. Since you mentioned the tower… You were in New York when The World Trade Center towers were knocked down, right?


Killah Priest: Yeah! I was actually on a plane on the 11th. I landed in New York that morning for my son’s birthday. Is the memory of what happened that day something you’ll ever be able to let go?


Killah Priest: It’s catastrophic in the brain, man. Everything about that closes right in. You can’t ever forget it. It happened. It was a real event. I don’t talk about it every day, but when someone brings it up I’ll talk about where I was. I actually saw that second plane hit. Anyone that approaches me about the towers we can sit down and have a conversation. Not all day, but we can talk about it. Like a conversation, how important is it for your music to have significance?


Killah Priest: Very important. Before making a song it’s thought of, there’s a conscience put into it, there’s a feeling and a soul put into it. Once it’s finished do you ever go back and deconstruct the song just to see the meaning of what you were feeling at that time?


Killah Priest: I was thinking about that! I was thinking about doing a song, then taking it down, and then doing it again. Sometimes it comes out even better! But sometimes I get lazy in the studio; once I’m done I don’t want to do anything else to it. I have songs I’ve redone. “BIBLE” is one. A lot of people don’t know that. It was recorded the first time and I thought it was perfect. But it was lost, so I redid it. How is building a song like constructing a building?


killah-priest-1Killah Priest: Your bars and like bricks. You slide them in. The booth is like the window because you see through it. The doorway is like the mind; you’ve got to open that up so different emotions come out. Your pen and paper would be like your hammer and nail. The ceiling holds all your ideas in, and the foundation has to be hard just like cement – the vocal comes out moist, sound is the molecules hitting the air, when it gets to you it turns into something else. With everything you’ve been through and learned in your career, how many times have you felt like you’ve gotten your building knocked down?


Killah Priest: A couple times! Definitely after Heavy Mental, during when I was doing Priesthood, and every time I did an album it was something I had to conquer coming back out. And I just want to do this! With The Offering it took a lot for me to go back in the studio, but when I did I got that feeling. With The Psychic World and Planet of the Gods I felt like there was not a lot of pressure on me, I just wanted to contribute to Hip Hop. Nobody was forcing me. It was just what I wanted to do. |

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