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Interview: Kendra Kouture, Mr. 1204, CJ Haynes, PL12, and KC of Hood Illustrated Magazine on Their Time at A3C 2017 [Best of 2017]

2017 A3C Artist Festival -Announcement V1A3C Music Festival & Conference is one of the biggest annual hip-hop events there is, and it was certainly one of the best attractions of 2017. It took place in Atlanta from October 4-8, and was there for all its sensational offerings. Our next featured guests were all there too. Please welcome…incredible producers PL12 and CJ Haynes, hip-hop star Mr. 1204, Hood Illustrated Magazine publisher KC, and model of the year winner Kendra Kouture!


Kendra (2) Kendra you’re arguably the most popular model in the industry right now. You were at A3C this year to host Hip Hop Weekly’s Soundstage & Interview Suite. How did it feel to be there?


Kendra Kouture: I’d never attended A3C until this year. I do not regret going at all. Talk about networking on steroids! PL12, along with passing Chaka Khan to become the most viewed interview in the history of, you also signed with DJ Iceberg’s Monopoly Music, opened Studio 12, produced on Scotty ATL’s hit “45”, and rolled into A3C as one of the hottest budding hip-hop producers out there. What was your experience like at the event?


PL12: This was my first time at A3C too! What I loved about it was the hip-hop culture migrating to one spot in the country for a week to network and support other music prospects on the rise. To all of you, what was your favorite part of A3C 2017?


KC: My favorite part of A3C this year has to be the reaction toward this new MC Breed feature in the upcoming issue of Hood Illustrated, along with the countless interactions and networking with established and new artists, new brands, and artists with movements.


CJ Haynes: My favorite this year was meeting the Ratchet Gxds and the iStandard beat battle at Delightful Eatz.


PL12: My favorite part of A3C was getting contacted by Dorrough to get in the studio to shop him beats and watching Scotty ATL perform songs me and DJ Iceberg produced. The most memorable performance I saw was at Hoodrich Stage in The Bluff.


Kendra Kouture: My favorite part was watching Mr. 1204 perform his set at the Omen Agency for Hip Hop Weekly. I was also honored to be able to host both Hip Hop Weekly showcases.


Mr. 1204: My favorite part was the love and respect every artist, DJ, and entrepreneur showed each other. And, of course, the Hip Hop Weekly events!


KC_Hood Illustrated (2) KC you’re no stranger to A3C. This year you were everywhere! We saw so many people taking pictures with your posters of both the MC Breed cover and a cover with Honorable C. N.O.T.E. We also noticed people walking around carrying or reading copies of Hood Illustrated Magazine. Last year at A3C you got a shout out from Sway, which was awesome. Tell us why you continue to attend.


KC: I continue attending A3C because it fits my target market. And I’m able to reach individuals who respect the movement and support the HOOD Illustrated Global movement.


CJ_digging (2) CJ you’re an A3C veteran too. This year you went to the event on the heels of releasing your debut solo LP ‘First Place’, which is crazy dope by the way, and also as an iStandard beat battle champion yourself. We were there in Delightful Eatz witnessing Focus and a host of other top producers shout you out when they noticed you in the crowd. With that being said, why do you continue to attend A3C?


CJ Haynes: I go to meet people – new ones and legends. Also, to learn tech and business. Also, to hear dope beats.


Mr 1204_white (2) Mr. 1204, your hit single “Spendin’ All Night”, which is produced by Honorable C. N. O. T. E., was heard by a lot of people when you performed it live at the Hip Hop Weekly event during A3C. Based on that reaction will you continue to attend every year?


Mr. 1204: I’m not really sure. It will depend on where I’m at in my career! Although it’s a great networking and marketing tool for indie artists especially, it’s also is very time consuming and a lot of work is done via barter deal or pro bono. Regardless of what field you’re in, when doing business the object is to always make capital! What about the both of you, Kendra and PL12? Do you intend to continue attending A3C?


Kendra Kouture: Absolutely! I’m already preparing for 2018 now.


PL12: I will definitely be going back yearly just to continue to grow with my Industry counter parts.|

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