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Interview: Hip-hop Artist Erik Stephen Talks His Upcoming 5th Album, Evolving, and Having “T-Shirt Game”

Our next featured guest is a beloved hip-hop artist and full-time missionary who mixes fun and style with his musical messages and testimonies. When you see him he’s sure to be wearing one of the coolest t-shirts ever, too. A self-professed “Geek”- one of his many popular songs from his catalog of albums that includes ‘Shut Up the Devil’, ‘Nightwing’, and ‘Not Your Rapper’s Rapper’ – he recently joined us for our 2nd Annual Royal Rumble Q&A and Potluck [Jiddoe S’Phatt Remix]. Please welcome back to…Erik Stephen! Erik, we really enjoyed your set at Project Cypher IV last year, which was named one of the 10 Best Events of the Year. What did you enjoy most about being part of it?


Erik Stephen: Oh my gosh; it was just so much about it! I loved the energy! It was for a great cause! It could be very chaotic to have that many performers, especially rappers, but HighTyde makes it run so smoothly. It was just a fun time with a lot of positive energy there. It was amazing. HighTyde told us then you’re always on the road. As a touring artist and full-time missionary, how many days out the year are you traveling city to city?


Erik Stephen: For the past 3 years we were on the road for pretty much 7 to 8 month out of the year, each year. That’s just how it’s worked out. So you have to take downtime or you’ll go nuts. How do you work recording into your schedule?

Erik Stephen: When I’m back in Phoenix, any downtime that we have. It’s not like 8 months straight. It’ll be a couple months home then 3 months out. When I’m back home in Phoenix I spend as much time in the studio as I can. We know you have a ton of music. How many albums have you released in total?


Erik Stephen: Well, as Erik Stephen I’ve released 4 albums. I’ve got 2 more tracks to do for my 5th album. But I used to rap under the name King MC. I have 7 albums from that one. Since I switched my name I’ve released 4 albums. How are you expecting audiences to respond to your upcoming 5th album?


Erik Stephen: The next album that’s coming out is going to be called ‘Limited Edition Vol. 1’. It’s going to have 8 tracks on it and its going to be featuring some exciting people! I’m really excited about these people that are going to be on it! I hope people just enjoy the music. I hope that they feel so connected to God through it. I hope they’re able to reflect on their own lives through the music and just have a good time with it too. We’re going to assume you’ll be wearing some cool t-shirts on the promotional pictures too!


Erik Stephen: Yeah! One of my songs on there is actually called “T-Shirt Game”! I’m talking about how my t-shirt game is on point. Erik, why did you change your name?


Erik Stephen: It was just a different time in my life. I got to the point as I grew closer in my relationship with Christ, King MC just wasn’t me anymore. It almost felt like bragging or boasting. So I just went with my first and middle names. That’s who God made me so that’s who I am. Based on what you’ve said we can gather your newer music has a tonal difference than what’s deeper in your back catalog. Is there a style or delivery difference between King MC and Erik Stephen?


Erik Stephen: The whole point of being an artist is to evolve with your craft and grow with your craft. The song I recorded last week doesn’t sound like the first song I ever did. The whole point is I just want to keep getting better and better as I move along. Whether that’s changing up my delivery a little bit, changing up my style a little bit, I just want to keep evolving and being better. |


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