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Interview: Ghostface Killah Talks His Heart, Old Ways, and Critical Acclaim

Our next featured guest is one of the best hip-hop artists of all time. He’s given us such classic albums as ‘Supreme Clientele’, ‘The Pretty Tony Album’ and ‘Ironman’. He’s also a member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, their new album ‘The Saga Continues’ is in stores now. He just recently rocked The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, MI. We love this guy. Please welcome to…Ghostface Killah! Ghost, Busta Rhymes told us you and Raekwon were his favorite MCs. One of the reasons why was because you put your hearts in your rhymes. He also said he loves the Wu-Tang Clan. We told him we thought Wu were the Earth Wind & Fire of hip-hop. Busta cracked up laughing! We told Raekwon this same thing – he laughed out loud too! But they both agreed. Do you?

Ghostface 1Ghostface: Yo, that’s funny! Do I agree? Umm…I can see what you’re saying. You know what? I guess so! There’s a bunch of us, there was a bunch of them, and we’re both pioneers! Let’s go back to putting your heart in your rhymes. You mention family, friends and loyalty a lot. What else touches your heart?

Ghostface: Hearing a baby laugh touches my heart. I love that! Just seeing nice things, like seeing someone get fed who hasn’t eaten in days touches my heart. Seeing those people on TV who haven’t eaten, with flies on their faces, that touches my heart too because I feel for them. People who are homeless living on the streets in cardboard boxes, or kids who’ve lost both their parents, that touches my heart. Ghost, you’ve got fans around the world who’ve reacted emotionally to your music. They believe in it. And you’ve got a pretty extensive catalog that’s been studied closely by critics throughout your career. Have any of their opinions swayed your confidence in how you should perform from one song to the next, one album to the next?

Ghostface: I think I’ve kept it 100% with me doing me. I realize on some songs I came with a style nobody really understood. There were a few people who thought that’s just how I rhymed, and I didn’t make no sense. So I stopped that. I didn’t want people to think I didn’t know what I was doing because they didn’t catch on to it. So I went back to my old ways of rhyming. When it comes to your “old ways” of rhyming, would you say you’re more like an artist using a paint brush or a craft designer using a spray painter?

Ghostface: I’d say I’ve used a paintbrush. I have to be very careful with how I paint these pictures. They have to become real vivid, clear enough for people to really see what I’m saying. Surely that’s no quick turn-around process.

Ghostface: It takes me awhile; I don’t write these songs into pictures in one day. Sometimes you have to mess with it then leave it alone. Come back to it later. I’ll go do other songs and might come back to that one song three weeks later! It depends. I have to give it my best ability no matter how long it takes to get done. When critics write about your albums, Ghost, they often praise your attention to detail. And I’m sure you realize a review is nothing more than a single person’s opinion, no matter how respected their opinion may be. But have you ever felt you were unfairly evaluated because they didn’t like you or they didn’t know you well enough as an artist?

Ghostafce and a bird_throwback photoGhostface: I’ve never really looked at it like that! I just know sometimes you’re underrated, and because of that you’re kept from getting airplay you should get. Having that happen because somebody didn’t like me as an artist? That never crossed my mind like that. As a person and an artist who frequently receives critical acclaim, why is it important to listen to people and accept their constructive criticism?

Ghostface: So you can correct whatever is wrong. If you listen to them, you can’t just listen to listen. You have to hear if that person is right. Sometimes you have to step outside the box and catch yourself. If you have the ability to change something, and you don’t believe it needs to be changed when it’s been pointed out, then you’ve got a problem! But if you can listen and try to fix that problem, you might come out better. With music, you might be doing too much of one thing and not enough of another. Listen and correct it. That’s all. |

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