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Interview: Brian H. Waters Talks Wrestling Wrealm, His Writing Voice, and Compares New England Patriots to Triple H

Our next featured guest is a world class writer, social media manager and broadcaster. His work has touched ESPN, Fox Sports, Baltimore Sun, Better Business Bureau and a number of young lives as a mentor. He’s currently flexing his “Superior Wrestling Intellect” as co-host and co-CEO of The Wrestling Wrealm. Please welcome to…Brian H. Waters! Brian, we like The Wrestling Wrealm. It’s cool, it’s fun and informative. Tell us why you started it.


Brian H. Waters: It’s something that me and Dwayne Allen built from the ground up. It all started with us talking about wrestling every day after school. I actually had a show with my cousin but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. I hadn’t gone back to school yet to learn the do’s and don’ts. Wrestling Wrealm was put together by Dwayne and I so we could talk wrestling, so we could reach the wrestling audience so they could be in on our conversations, and it allowed us to practice producing television because we were both TV production majors at Morgan State University. What do you love most about the show?


Brain H. Waters: What I love about it is being able to not just focus on the wrestling talk that we’re doing, but to focus on the production aspect that makes it look like a full-blown TV show.


wrestling Let’s have some fun with this. Thinking about your chemistry as co-hosts, compare you and Dwayne to a tag team.


Brian H. Waters: Oh, boy! The Outsiders come to mind first because we do a bunch of “Too Sweet” stuff, and Dwayne always reminds me of Kevin Nash. Actually, we’re Two Dudes with Attitudes!  It’s ironic because Dwayne’s a much bigger Shawn Michaels fan than I am. However, I was the one who had the boyhood dream. And by dream I mean as a wrestling fan I was the one who was teased about it. For Dwayne with him being 6’7”, he’s a giant but he’s also got that cool factor. Every room he walks into he’s instantly the cool guy, but if you run up on him you’ve got to come correct. I’m like Shawn Michaels where I don’t mind being the face of the franchise and reaching out to people. Brian, a big part of professional wrestling that its casual audience doesn’t always see is its community outreach and charitable causes. Along with being a mentor to students, what are some other things you do?


Brian H. Waters:  Well, I’m a member of NABJ – National Association of Black Journalists, so I help a lot of the students coming. I look out for them. I’m also a family oriented person. I volunteer a lot at my home church with the food pantry. Your talent for audible and written word use has taken you to some exciting places. As a writer how long did it take you to find your voice?


Brian H. Waters: Well they tell you no matter what you want to do, whether it’s being a producer or being on-air, writing is important. I’m a huge baseball fan. When I was in 3rd grade I remember writing a really detailed story about baseball. But probably before I graduated I really knew my voice as a writer, and I would have to credit that to Jerry Bembry of The Undefeated. He was my professor at Morgan State.


Brian H Waters (3) Your background includes ESPN, Baltimore Sun, and among other esteemed companies, publications and outlets. Once you launched your own website how did that help you expand your reach?


Brian H. Waters: I don’t know if it necessarily helped, I guess. If anything it was just time for me to be able to vent. Anytime I had something to say I could just write it. When I’m mentoring I’m always telling them to write, write, write. That’s what was told to me. Kids nowadays, and by “kids” I mean college students, they just want to be on-air. I can’t let them forget that writing is the foundation. We’re sure, no matter where you are, you can’t forget the sports foundation in your native Maryland. Being a professional wrestling fan do you view Pittsburg Steelers and New England Patriots as you would an evil wrestling faction?


Brian H. Waters: Yes, more so the Patriots. With the Steelers it’s a respect thing. I look at the Ravens and the Steelers as two baby faces who don’t get along. If this was 1999 the Ravens and the Steelers would be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock. The Patriots would be Triple H! |

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