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Interview: Big Easy on Being a Harlem Globetrotters Showman, Drawing Inspiration, and If He’s Good

Our next featured guest is 6’9” of charisma, comedic brilliance, and genuine compassion. An all-time great basketball player, he’s enshrined in Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics Hall of Fame. He also holds 2 Guinness World Records – one for farthest basketball hook shot, the other for farthest blindfolded basketball hook shot. He travels the world spreading goodwill and good times as a Showman for Harlem Globetrotters. Please welcome to…Big Easy Lofton! Big Easy, are you good?


Big Easy: I don’t know! I wouldn’t say I’m good. Some people might say that. I’ve been on the team for 13 years. I went to college at a Division I school. I make people smile and families happy every night. So if that’s how you determine if you’re good or not, I think I’m real good. People recognize Harlem Globetrotters for being entertaining personalities and skilled athletes. They’re also recognized for their charitable efforts and outreach around the world. What’s it like for you to be part of an iconic organization that’s so big into giving back?


Big Easy: It means a lot! When we come into a city, we come to show love to the city and be part of the city. We want you to take us in. Not only do we come to put on a great show, we’re not just taking money from you and running. We’re going to give what we have also, which is our love, our smiles, and our hearts. Whether we’re going in hospitals to meet some kids, doing something with American Red Cross, putting in fire alarm systems in houses, we’re going to give our time. What’s something about Harlem Globetrotters that surprised you once you became part of the team?


Big Easy: Going around the world, people love us. When you walk into a country it doesn’t matter if you speak the language. You make them smile and everybody understands each other. Just being recognized around the world; when I say I play for the Harlem Globetrotters a big smile comes across their face! That’s something you don’t get with a lot of occupations.


Big As a Globetrotters showman who do you draw inspiration from to be that charismatic voice of the night?


Big Easy: I study everybody. So I look back at Medowlark [Lemon], Sweet Lou Dunbar, all the guys who did the job before me. I also draw my inspiration from my family. I’m not home with them, I’m out here on the road trying to make other families happy and enjoy their night. And I draw inspiration from the fans! When I walk out there and I see the fans, and it’s kids who’ve never see the Globetrotters before, and their parents have been showing them Youtube videos and telling them how much fun they had watching Medowlark and Curly Neal, I want them to walk away with that same experience. With that being said, Big Easy, what’s been the best compliment you’ve personally received as a Harlem Globetrotter?


Big Easy: One of the great compliments of me, I was in Sacramento and I walked up to a kid and had a conversation with him. His parents said he hadn’t said a word for the last couple of weeks. They said the only he’s talking about now is the time he had shooting hoops with Big Easy. That was real cool for me. It makes me realize why I do what I do. |


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