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Interview: Artist and Producer Casper Talks Reggae Music, Hands of God, and Bob Marley and Michael Jackson

Our next featured guest is a multiple award winning artist and producer, and one of Canada’s top Reggae performers. Winner of Best Dancehall Album of the Year, his current hit single “You Make Me” landed him in the pages of Billboard Magazine. CEO of RST Entertainment, he’s very talented and also an incredibly nice guy. Please welcome to…Casper! Casper, before we get into your career, which has been fantastic, I want to talk about something you may have noticed that we just caught on to recently. How long did it take you recognize Bob Marley’s influence on Michael Jackson?


Casper: I’ve known this for a while! Bob and Michael have the same message in their music about peace, love and harmony. They’re connected in the same way and both changed the world with their music, as we all know. There’s a little of Bob Marley and Michael Jackson in everyone’s music even if they don’t want to admit It. Okay, talk for a moment about how MJ and Marley influenced you. 


Casper: Well, they have influenced me spiritually by guiding and shaping the way I create, write and produce my music [and my] career, and by making Casper who he is today! Just want to be known as one of the greats and go down in history as a legend like they did, and bring peace, love and harmony to the world once again. Throughout your career you’ve received a number of notable accolades and been applauded for them. Just recently you were featured wonderfully in Billboard Magazine. How do you use your recognition for success to inspire others to be successful?


Casper: I always start out by saying if I can do it you can do it too!! But I tell them honestly as well the only way to achieve their desired goals is that they need determination, drive, and motivation. Aim for the impossible to make it possible. The big key of it all is to have great product and know the business side as well. If they have any notable accolades they should humbly use them to reach the next level in their career. The music industry is like an adventure video game. The wizard tells you what you need to make it to the top, and it’s up to you how far you want to go before quitting. But I’m still collecting my accolades to win the game! Bottom line: My success keeps them going and inspires their success. What did you feel the first time you heard reggae music?


Casper: I did not like it. I guess because I could not understand it. But it has become my life now. Did you still dislike it the first time you produced a reggae record?


Casper: No! I enjoyed producing my first reggae award-winning record “WHEN U WHINE IT”! That record will always be my gem forever. It goes everywhere I go. Your music’s been everywhere. Whether it’s a song of yours or one you produced for someone else, what are you hoping listeners will feel when they hear your music?


Casper: To be inspired with a positive message of love and a fun, warm, loving vibe from any record I produce. You’re such a nice person, Casper. Tell us how your music helped you grow as an overall person.


Casper: I think it’s made me a wiser and stronger person, and has pushed me to the impossible boards of myself to be great at everything I put my mind to. I never knew my strength until I stepped in the music industry 16 years ago. I can make anything happen with the hands of God. I love music. Some might say God’s hands are needed more now than ever. In what areas is humanity in need of growth?


Casper: Well, more love and peace to start off with. We need to empower others more to pursue their paths in life and uplift them to be the best they can be in any situation. Music can be a powerful tool with the right lyrical message. You can encourage people to live a better life, bring unity, and help them understand their rights. And let them know they’re not alone! We are all worth the fight. We just have to believe the world can change with the hands of each other and God.|

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