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Countdown to WWE Royal Rumble 2018: What If Cody Rhodes Wins? is counting down to the WWE Royal Rumble event on January 28, 2018. Taking place live from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA, this will be its 30th anniversary.

The Royal Rumble match is a variation of the traditional Battle Royal match with a total of 30 competitors. Two WWE Superstars start in the ring, every 90 seconds thereafter another Superstar enters. A Superstar is eliminated when they’re thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.

The last remaining Superstar is guaranteed a championship opportunity at WrestleMania versus the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion or WWE Universal Champion.


Cody Rhodes_NJPWWWE Superstar: Cody Rhodes
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 216lbs 
From: Marietta, GA


“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes is doing just fine outside WWE. It can be said he’s “All In” when it comes to independent booking.


Since his departure from the company he’s claimed several titles around the world, most notably the highly coveted Ring of Honor World Championship. His merchandise sales are tremendous, his popular Bullet Club faction is white hot, and his announced appearance on any card puts butts in the seats.


Something still alludes Cody, though. He has yet to be a world champion in WWE.


Right now with his stock incredibly high without WWE behind him would be the perfect time to shock everyone. Cody could return, win the Rumble, defeat their current champion to claim either the WWE or Universal world title at WrestleMania, then walk away again. |

Royal Rumble Winners: Jim Duggan (1988), Big John Studd (’89), Hulk Hogan (’90, ’91), Ric Flair (’92), Yokozuna (’93), Bret Hart/Lex Luger (’94), Shawn Michaels (’95, ’96), Steve Austin (’97, ’98), Mr. McMahon (’99), The Rock (2000), Steve Austin (’01), Triple H (’02), Brock Lesnar (’03), Chris Benoit (’04), Batista (’05), Rey Mysterio (’06), The Undertaker (’07), John Cena (’08), Randy Orton (’09), Edge (’10), Alberto Del Rio (’11), Sheamus (’12), John Cena (’13), Batista (’14), Roman Reigns (’15), Triple H (’16), Randy Orton (’17)

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