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BREAKING NEWS: Surpasses 1 Million Views for the 3RD Consecutive Year

We are proud and grateful to announce that AKA Liquid Magazine, the official website of Liquid Arts & Entertainment, LLC., has surpassed 1 million views for the 3rd consecutive year!

We sincerely thank each person who visited our site and we thank each entertainer and artist that we’ve featured over the past 12 months (July 2018 to July 2019)! has secured its reputation of consistent excellence.

Created by celebrity/event photographer Doug Sims and celebrity/entertainment journalist Mr. Joe Walker, the incredibly talented pair joined forces to showcase entertainment and the arts using flair, exciting and unique original content, and integrity.

Based in the new metropolis for arts and entertainment, Grand Rapids, MI (a Top 20 city for live entertainment according to Billboard Magazine), launched July 6, 2014.

This past year has been a tremendous success. We’ve presented an amazing assortment of original daily content, engaging interviews that made readers and viewers laugh, smile and even cry, and introduced many to creative persons from across America and beyond. Surpassing 1 million views yet again shows how much our content is appreciated.

Simply stated, is the entertainment of art … from Grand Rapids to the World! |

CREDITS Written by The Liquidation Committee | Photos – Provided | Producer – Liquid Arts & Entertainment | Creative Director – The Liquidation Committee | Editor – Mr. Joe Walker | Copy Editor – Mr. Joe Walker | Site Editors – Doug Sims and Mr. Joe Walker | Webmaster – Doug Sims | Twitter – @LiquidAEMag | Instagram – @liquidmagazine AKA Liquid Magazine, the entertainment of art!

“From Grand Rapids to the world.”

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