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Black Super Heroes: Willie The Kid [Art 101]

Super heroes are not just those fictional characters we see in comic books, cartoons and movies. They’re not accidents turned anonymous saviors wearing colorful outfits while wielding powers that defy science and nature. Super heroes are those real grounded persons whose actions impact, influence and improve the lives of others.

For this Black History Month we salute Willie The Kid for being a Black Super Hero!

The music segment of hip-hop culture is constantly growing. In its massive population of artists Willie The Kid is a man among boys. Since the Grand Rapids native turned heads with the Kanye West –produced “Almost Famous”, he’s continually built a remarkable catalog of brilliant rhymes that garner rousing adulation from fans and critics.

Already having a reputation for his lyrical prowess when he was younger, the current more experienced and matured Willie The Kid is without question one of the single greatest MCs alive today.

Where Willie The Kid also shines is in his ability to communicate diversely. To those from his inner city roots he’s an example of what you can achieve despite your surroundings and social opposition. He naturally speaks their language but also encourages them to expand the reach of their voice. At the same time he seats comfortably in meetings with city officials, leaders in education, and executives in the music, film, and marketing industries. With them he eloquently discusses equal opportunity.

Having achieved high remarks from every major publication in hip-hop, achieving his Mass Communications/Integrated Communications degree is a more respected accolade. |

[Art (noun): 1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 2. the various branches of creative activity.]

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