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Black Super Heroes: Victor Williams [Art 101]

Superheroes are not just those fictional characters we see in comic books, cartoons and movies. They’re not accidents turned anonymous saviors wearing colorful outfits while wielding powers that defy science and nature. Super heroes are those real grounded persons whose actions impact, influence and improve the lives of others.

For Black History Month we salute Victor Williams for being a Black Super Hero!

Known internationally, and quite famously, as Governor Slugwell, the Grand Rapids, MI native is the president and founder of the esteemed Grand Rapids Hip Hop Coalition and The Love Movement Inc. (Official Hip Hop Non-Profit).

A pioneering West Michigan artist who was one of the first from Grand Rapids to sign a major recording deal, Williams serves as a source of guidance to the poetic acts he encounters.

Williams also recognizes that, traditionally, hip-hop is about more than its music. It’s about community, understanding, and education. He uses those fundamentals along with his experience and cultural respect to combat racism, heighten self-pride, and increase youth proficiency in literacy, science and math.

Williams, too, makes decisions to unify and teach those in and outside the body of hip-hop culture, working hard for others to progress in unison to the most important beat there is – the one from the heart. |

[Art (noun): 1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 2. the various branches of creative activity.]

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