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Black Super Heroes: Lady Ace Boogie [Art 101]

Super heroes are not just those fictional characters we see in comic books, cartoons and movies. They’re not accidents turned anonymous saviors wearing colorful outfits while wielding powers that defy science and nature. Super heroes are those real grounded persons whose actions impact, influence and improve the lives of others.

For this Black History Month we salute Lady Ace Boogie for being a Black Super Hero!

For those who worry about the present and future state of hip-hop music, rest assured it’s safe in the hands of Lady Ace. The Jammie Award-winner already has a classic album on her solo resume and another with JRob as one-half of duo The Great Ones.

When and where Lady Ace’s live performances are announced, people flock in droves to watch her blaze the stage. Within those flames are messages of equality, social empowerment, and being as dope as possible.

Lady Ace Boogie also has a burning desire to uplift communities.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, the Grand Rapids, MI resident actively supports local businesses. She’s also active in fields of health and education while giving of herself to help the homeless regardless of the color of their skin.|

[Art (noun): 1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 2. the various branches of creative activity.]

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