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Art 101: Doug Sims – Photographer, Designer, and DJ [ Profile 007]

[Art (noun): 1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 2. the various branches of creative activity.]


Doug Sims began drawing and painting as a child, later taking a liking to the use of cameras. He also grew up fond of music and its manipulation using dual turntables. He would go on to become a professional event, celebrity and recreational photographer via his Sims Photography, capturing everything from Chicago Bulls games to glamourous high school senior portraits, to entertainment icons such as Kenny G and Snoop Dogg.

In music Doug’s professionally known as DJ Metro. He’s mixed live on the radio and in venues across the world. asked Doug Sims why art is important, why he chose to be an artist, and why his artistry is worth sharing. Here is his response.

“It’s important for self-expression; a release, if you will.

Art brings out ones individuality and their creative process. It is so important to ‘wow’. One piece of art can bring so many different meanings to different people.

I have been [an artist] all of my life – from coloring books, drawings, to oil paintings. I have always seen creative things all around me, whether it is shapes, depth, color or texture.

I try to bring out sincere emotion when I am working with people. It’s something about the eyes and body language that will tell a story.” |

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Artist (noun): 1. a person skilled at a particular task or occupation.

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